Being a member of the National Association of FHA Consultants means you’re on your way to becoming the BEST 203k Consultant in the industry! We offer different levels of memberships that provide benefits for the basic to the most brilliant 203k consultants. Please review each of the options before making a selection.


Rebuilding Neighborhoods, One home at a time.

NAFHAC General Membership

The GENERAL Membership tier is for those members looking to stay connected to the wealth of information found in our monthly newsletter as well as have the ability to participate in the content rich and extremely valuable monthly coaching calls

 Our GENERAL membership includes:

  • Subscription to the Monthly

  E-Newsletter ‘Inside the Box’

  • Full access to GENESIS for one user

 + Genesis Technical Support via Skype

  • Limited Access to the NAFHAC Member Vault   and 203k Queen YouTube Channel
  • Your name and company information listed on the “NAFHAC 203k Consultant” roster — the exclusive list for real estate agents, lenders and buyers to get a quality 203k consultation from a Certified 203k In A Box Consultant



Elite Membership

The ELITE Membership, our most popular level of membership, is the ultimate 203k In A Box experience. It is for those dedicated and extremely motivated building professionals who intend to be the jewel in the crown of consultants and home inspectors in their area. 

With the Elite tier, the true professional consultant will always be on the diamond cutting edge of the industry with up-to-date information and networking with their peers.

Our ELITE membership includes ALL the "General & Professional" benefits PLUS:

  • Unrestricted Access to the 203k members vault of success tools and the 203k Queen YouTube Channel
  • Full access to GENESIS for up to 4 users 

 + Genesis Technical Support via Skype

  • ELITE MEMBER ONLY BONUS: UNLIMITED One-on-one private coaching calls with ‘203k’ Queen Catherine Hall
  • Subscription to both the monthly E-newsletter and the mailed NAFHAC ‘Inside the Box’ Newsletter
  • Monthly mailing of the NAFHAC Success Supplies– including customizable marketing pieces, ‘Inside the Box’ Newsletter, ELITE MEMBER ONLY Bonus Success Supplies – recorded interviews, books, audio recordings and other surprises!
  • Free ‘FAQ on 203k’ website page customized to be added to your current company website
  • ELITE MEMBER ONLY BONUS: FREE admission to the 203k Discovery Days + Companion
  • Exclusive ‘Peggy’s Profitability/Promotional Minute' article from Peggy Salamando – NAFHAC’s Member Service Manager
  • The 203k Experience (for just $250 you can spend 2 days riding along with ‘203k Queen’ Catherine Hall while she conducts 203k consultations and draw inspections (for just $75 more bring one back office staff person will be allowed to spend both days in the queen’s office learning from her staff)


Not sure which NAFHAC membership tier best suit your business needs?

 Click on the "Tell Me More" button and our Member Services Manager Peggy Salamando will reach out to you within 24 hours.